Myanmar’s Shwe Taung Khauk Swei (Shwe Taung Noodle)

Noodle is quite a common food consumed in different cultures across the world. After rice, noodle has been eaten as the second most staple food. It is made from unleavened dough which is stretched and provides necessary nutrition for human. There are various types of noodles served in many ways such as by boiling, frying, and mixing with other ingredients as a salad. 
It is difficult to say the origin of noodles. Historical records have said that noodles have been consumed by Chinese people since 4000 years ago. Nowadays, people all over the world take noodle as a passionate food. 
Myanmar nationals also like to take noodles in many styles of cuisines such as Pei Noe Khauk Swei (noodle and soya bean milk soup), Own Noe Khauk Swei (noodles and coconut milk soup), Shwe Taung Khauk Swei (noodles served with coconut milk gravy), flat wheat noodle salad, Mont Hin Gar (rice noodles with gravy), salad of rice noodles in a peppery fish soup and vermicelli soup. These are popular as delicious Myanmar foods. Regional styles of noodle cuisines such as salad of noodles with other ingredients of Shan nationals and rice noodles with peppery fish soup of Rakhine nationals are also popular. Mont Hin Gar is the food taken by all Myanmar nationals and it is a national food. 
Noodle is commonly available in any market. Noodles in different styles are served at donation ceremonies and social occasions of joy or grief. 
This month, we would like to present about Shwe Taung Khauk Swei among Myanmar noodle cuisines. Noodles for Shwe Taung Khauk Swei are soft, stretched long and flat and made of wheat. For this cuisine, chicken meats are cooked with the ingredients of oil, onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric powders, salt and fish sauce in good proportion and this chicken curry is important for the cuisine. Moreover, chicken bone soup is also cooked to drink jointly with Shwe Taung Khauk Swei. 
Shwe Taung Khauk Swei is to take noodles with thick liquid of chicken curry, chilli sauce, fish sauce, coconut milk gravy, pea flour and onion by mixing and stirring together after squeezing lime, with chicken bone soup. Shwe Taung Khauk Swei includes various kinds of tastes such as sourness, sweet and fragrant and is really delicious. 
Shwe Taung Khauk Swei is proudly entertained at Myanmar nationals’ wedding ceremonies and donation ceremonies, can also have at restaurants and tea shops and the price is around K1500. 
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