For those looking to spend between US$15 and US$75 for a room, there are some excellent deals to be had around town. Some of the fancier midrange places with swimming pool are not that far behind the top-range hotels in comfort, but are pleasingly off the pace in price, at just US$40 to US$60. Several places now offer free wi-fi for guests or diners.
As with the budget guesthouses, there is no single midrange hotel area. Probably the best choice, and definitely the best location, is along the riverfront on Sisowath Quay. The area to the southwest of the Independence Monument also has a concentration of midrange deals. The stretch of Monivong Blvd between Russian and Sihanouk Blvds is the old hotel district, but this is hardly the most alluring area of town.
Besides, if you still want to explore Asia, Halong Bay junk boat will be an ideal choice for you.
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