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Several years ago, during one of my pilgrimages to Tamil Nadu, South India, I was nudged to visit the Three Shakti Temples of CHennai. They are not as "renowned" as other forms of Hindu goddeses such as Parvathi or Lakshmi, but they appealed to me and there was a definite indication that I should go and visit them.
With the help of my guide and driver, we made our way into a small, sleepy village of Thazhambur, 1 km away from Navalur, in the old Mahabalipuram road connecting Chennai.
The township is poor, and the temples, spaced apart about 20-30 minute ride from each other, are very humble. But having visited enough temples in that region, I know not to judge by sheer appearance alone. It doesn't matter whether the temple is grand or modest, it matters whether the presence of divinity lives inside!
It didn't take me long to go through each of the small temples. I offered lamps and bowed. An ancient ambiance filled up the space, and wafted from room to room. As I gazed upon each of the Three Shaktis, I felt a gentle, loving and mysterious energy emanating from each of them.
Below a brief introduction to the Three Shaktis and their location:
"The temples of three sakthi's (Tri Sakthi) are located near Chennai. It is considered auspicious to obtain darshan of all three shakthis one after the other on the same day, especially on a full moon day & if possible on a full moon day which falls on a Friday.
Chennai Three Sakthi Amman Temples
The form of the Devi in all three temples are identical.
-Ichchaa Sakthi--Thiruvudai Amman @ Melur
-Gnaana Sakthi--Vadivudai Amman @Thiruvottriyur
-Kriyaa Sakthi--Kodiyidai Amman @Thirumullaivoil
1)The Sakthi to be visited first, early in the morning is Thiruvudai Amman - Ichchaa Sakthi (the devi who will fulfill devotees wishes).
2)The Sakthi to be visited second, in the afternoon is Vadivudai Amman - Gnaana Sakthi (the devi who will bless us with Gananam/Wisdom-Knowledge - facing south)
3) The Sakthi to be visited third, in the evening is Kodiyidai Amman - Kriyaa Sakthi (the Devi who assists us in all our actions)."…/three-sakthi-temples-in-chen…
We are now in the Tamil month of Aadi (m9d-July-mid-August), a sublime month filled with the power and mystique of the Goddess. It is considered auspicious to connect with the magical qualities of Shakti--the Sacred Feminine--and invite boons and opportunities into our life. Today is already the 2nd Friday of the month of Aadi (July 28). I am inspired to share this little post on the Three Amman embodying the three forms of Shakti. As you gaze upon their image, say a prayer or make a wish to connect deeper with the Mothers.
May the Shaktis or Goddess in any other form bless and keep you this Aadi month. May they help you reclaim your sweet innocence, your trust, and your appreciation for everything good in life. August is a resplendent month--deep magic is at work, and profound mysteries are infused into our psyche and Soul from very high sources, right at this very moment.
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Update : 15-11-2017


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