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Other Sights (2)

There is a cluster of private language schools (Map p79) teaching English and French on St 184 between Norodom Blvd and the rear of the Royal Palace compound. Between 5pm and 7pm the area is filled with students who see learning English as the key to making it in contemporary Cambodia. This is a good place to meet young locals.
Known collectively as the National Sports Complex, the Olympic Stadium (Map pp74-5; near cnr Sihanouk &Monireth Blvds) is a striking example of 1960s Khmer architecture and includes a sports arena and facilities for boxing, gymnastics, volleyball and other sports. Turn up after 5pm to see countless football matches, petanque duels or badminton games.
In order to replace the countless Buddhas and ritual objects smashed by the Khmer Rouge, a whole neighbourhood of private workshops making cement Buddhas, naga and small stupas has grown up on the grounds of Wat Prayuvong. While the graceless cement figures painted in gaudy colours are hardly works of art, they are an effort by the Cambodian people to restore Buddhism to a place of honour in their culture The Prayuvong Buddha factories 4Map~p79; town St 308 & St 310) are about 300m south of the Independence Monument.
The National Library Bibliotheque Nationaie; Map p79; St 92; ® 8-11am & 2-5pm Tue-Sun) is in a graceful old building constructed in 1924, near Wat Phnom. During its rule, the Khmer Rouge turned the building into a stable and destroyed most of the books. Many were thrown out into the streets, where they were picked up by people, some of whom donated them back to the library after 1979; others used them as food wrapping.
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